Monday, November 27, 2006

Funny little conversation

The day before we were to go to Chena Hot Springs, Darlyn called to let me know what time she would be to pick me up, the phone call went something like this:
"Hi Mary. I'm calling to let you know that I'll be at your place sometime around 11. Make sure you have a towel, a quarter and a bathing suite."
"Um, Darlyn, being winter and all, I didn't bring a swimsuit."
"Well, a T-shirt & shorts will do"
"hehe...It didn't even cross my mind to bring shorts either! You know...winter in Alaska! Do you think that WalMart would have shorts this time of the year?"
"Well, they might"
"I'll go later tonight and check it out...see you at 11"

I went to Walmart, and guess what, they had swimsuits there!!!! In NOVEMBER!

Chena Hot Springs

If you are ever in Fairbanks, Ak., regardless of the time of the year, you really should go. It's wonderful. I'm hoping at sometime to go for the weekend and be able to get a massage and have a little fun there. The have all sorts of activities, mushing, cross country skiing, ice carving is what immediately comes to mind.