Wednesday, November 19, 2008

30 Days of Night

I guess living in Alaska has jaded me to this movie, hence, I have some problems with it. Let me set a few things straight:
#1 The sun does not set and does not come up for 30 days. During the darkest period, there is something akin to a sunset during the "day light" hours. From what I've been told, it's usually quiet pretty (hence my desire to work a winter in Barrow)
#2 If I remember correctly, Barrow has two incoming and two outgoing flights, year round...last I heard, planes can land in the dark and when it is snowing during the night. ;P
#3 The sun does not, after 30 days, decide to pop up and come roaring up into the sky, it's a gradual thing. The sunset period lengthens, then one day the sun will pep above the horizon, each day showing a little more of itself before going back below the horizon.
Things I found a little funny/odd:
--the "Eskimos" all looked like Asians, sorry just because you put an Asian in a Kuspuk doesn't make them look like an Eskimo.
--Only saw 1, maybe 2 snow machines and loads of cars....if Barrow is anything like Nome, the ratio should be the other way around
--Don't you think that the vamps would have noticed the waste piling up from 6 people holed up in an attic? Think about it, any other time of the year, the smell would lead you to them.
--while we are on the subject of the attic. I find it hard to believe that people could survive 4 weeks in an attic during the time of the year where the temps get down to -50 F...if you have ever experienced those kind of temps, you will understand...I can only imagine the caloric intake needed to maintain your body temp, forget about the extra calories to burn when you are up walking around.
--on to the vamps....I know that they are the undead, and because of this they get superhuman powers. One thing that bugs me about the vamps in the movie, they are walking around in skirts, shirts and pants, no jackets to keep warm, no gloves to keep the fingers from freezing....and that is my point. If they are dead, they are not producing body heat...which is need to keep from freezing solid. Wouldn't you think that they would be afraid of freezing solid? Which wouldn't take long at the -40F range.
I do have to say, if I put on my Alaska blinders, it was a good Vampire flick.