Friday, August 29, 2008

O.k., I'm felling old

Lord have Mercy, I'm feeling old!
Obama is 5 years older than me, Palin is only 2 years older than me.
I'm too young to have people close to my age running for president/vice president.
Nuff said....hopefully it will be a while before they (any of the canidates for pres.) are younger than me....then I will feel ancient. Ugh.

Alaska, the Last Great Frontier

Since Alaska is the Last Great Frontier, that would make Anchorage a frontier city, and I had a rude reminder of that on Saturday. Since moving to Anchorage, I have become totally accustomed to having moose roam the streets of downtown, but I was not prepared for the news of a grizzly bear roaming the very same streets the moose meander down. Yes, you read that right, grizzly bears roam the same downtown streets that moose do.
The following link is to the story that was in the Alaska Daily News regarding a grizzly bear that was hit and had to be shot due to it's injuries:
Grizzly hit by SUV
The thing that got me regarding this bear is the fact that it was hit only 1/2 mile by road (that is going down 3 blocks and over 5 blocks to get to the site where the bear was hit), or less than a 1/2 mile as the crow flies.
Needless to say, since all the bear attacks had occurred in one park on the outskirts of town (more than 5 miles away), I hadn't been too wary of walking around in the neighborhood until Saturday. Now, I'm very leary of walking just from my truck to the apartment in the dark...forget about a moose, at lease Bullwinkle doesn't look at me as meal on the run.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh, looks at the cute...OMG, you have a bird with you!

Every time I go home, Paco comes along because it's usually cheaper for me to pay the $80 to bring him on board that to board him when I'm gone. The boarding fee is $20 a night, not to mention the nearly $200 fee for the blood tests needed to be able to board him at any of the facilities here in Anchorage.
The airline fee just kills me for if the carrier was void of an animal, there would be no fee involved, it would just be a carry on, not to mention the fact that if I can rack up frequent flier miles, why can't Paco? Hhhhmm? He's paying for space on the plane (well, I am anyway).
On the flip side though, I find it absolutely hilarious when people ask me, with out looking into the carrier, what kind of cat I have (which reminds me, I really need to teach Paco to meow on command!). I find the look on their face even funnier when they do look in the carrier and they see a blue bird...."Oh my!It's a bird and it's BLUE!". I can hear Paco, "Yeah, what a Sherlock you are, must have graduated from Kindergarten to figure that one out...Yes, I'm a bird and I'm blue, have been all my life."

"This is not the fish you are looking for...."

I have to laugh, back on August 6th, I flew back to St. Louis for a family reunion. I brought back about 50 pounds of sockeye salmon and some halibut for mom & dad. I did grill 6 fillets for the reunion, it should have been about 2 or 3 more for nearly everyone was fighting over it! I couldn't believe my ears when one of my little cousins, about 7, came up and demanded "When is that fish going to be done?!". Another, but older cousin (he is about 22) told him that the hot dogs were done and he could have one of those...thus ensued the argument between a 22 year old and a 7 year old as to which was worthy for a 7 year old to eat.