Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Portage Lake

Well, after one days rest (from Fur Rondy that is) Martina & I went out to Portage Lake for a walk about...we quickly discovered that we should have brought our snowshoes! We have both decided that we were going to go back out when we get back from Fairbanks and we are going to try to ski to the glacier, if the snow is still too deep, then we will shoe back in to it. I can't wait!

Running of the Reindeer

Ok...just imagine the Running of the Bulls....substitute Alaska for Italy, reindeer for bulls and crazies for, well, a different breed of crazies.
I'll just let the pictures do the talking (I do have to admit, I thought it was hilarious)
o.k. for some reason, I can't get the photos to upload, was able to link a slide have some mushing and skijoring pics, but you will know which ones are the "Running of the Reindeer" pics.

Fur Rondy

This past weekend was the start of the winter festival here in Anchorage that goes by the name Fur Rendezvous or better known as "Fur Rondy".
Rondy has everything that a regular festival/carnival has, rides, games & contests, but with an Alaska twist. There was the World Championship Dog Weight Pull, Snow Sculptures, mushing races and skijoring (skier being pulled by an animal, usually a dog). This year, they added something new, Running of the Reindeer (please see separate entry for this one cuz it deserves an entry all its own). This event proves what can happen when cabin fever hits in mass.
All in all, I enjoyed myself. Tried a reindeer sausage (tasted like deer sausage to me) and had a good time taking pictures.

This little gal is just about ready to start her race down 4th Street. Keep in mind she is somewhere between 5 & 6 years old.

This is a shot of the carnival rides that were there. And, no, I didn't ride any of them....does "windchill" mean anything to you? ;P

This is during the weight pull. If memory serves me correct, this guy had only been training to pull for about a month, also, he was pretty lanky, so he was quite young to boot. His owner was trying and trying to get him to pull, and everyone had a good laugh when he just plopped his big butt down on the ground and just stared at the crowd or his owner.

This dude here, he is aptly named...he weighs 180 pounds and is named "Dozer". I wasn't able to hang around for the end of this feet were turning to ice. The previous weight class, 85-125 pounds, winner pulled right around 4,200 pounds. Another kicker for me, "Dozer" looks like a twin to the Malamute that my parents had, we thought that "Bud" weighed close to 120 pounds, looks like we were off a couple pounds....

Yep, there were people dressed in all sorts of garb. This man happened to also be an artist that was selling paintings...had I had an extra $100, one of his paintings would be on my wall right now.