Thursday, March 27, 2008

Youtube funny

A. Make sure you don't need to pee
B. Do not, repeat, DO NOT attempt to drink anything when listening to this!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Alaska Zoo

Lord have Mercy, am I spoiled rotten or what!
Re: Zoos, that is. The Alaska Zoo cost $10 person to get in! Those of you that have not been to the St. Louis Zoo, it's free! Granted, yes, you have to pay to ride the train, or get into special exhibits, like the insectarium or the Children's Zoo (it's free to get in there also, if you get there before 9am, if my memory serves me correct.)
I also need to mention that the zoo here may cover 1/5th the ground (and I think I'm pushing it) that the STL Zoo does. Not to mention the number of animals that are in cages and not in bar free large enclosures.
If you are looking to see African exotics, this is not the place for you. They used to have an elephant, Maggie, but they sent her to a rehab center somewhere in California for she was not doing well.....Well, DUH, the last time an elephant walked around up here had HAIR, and LOTs of it (woolly mammoth). She should have never been brought up here to begin with.
One cool thing, the native animals, like the Arctic Fox, Bald Eagles, Linx, etc. are all from an animal rehab center and the animal could not be released back into the wild due to their injuries.
I will link up my Picas photo file from yesterday...

It's Paco's hatchday!

O.k., so, I'm a day late posting this one.
Some days it seems like I've had him only for a couple months, then, like today (keep threating to make him a ringneck parakeet) it feels as if it has been eons since I drove up to Chicago to get him.
Here's a picture of Paco on his new Wingdow, the postman was gracious enough to deliver it on Paco's hatch day.