Tuesday, June 26, 2007

24 hours of visible light-ugh!

Official sunrise 3:01 am, sunset 12:46 am, giving the length of day to 21 hours, 45 minutes....tomorrow will be 2 minutes 42 seconds shorter on the length of day. And we are still at 24 hour of visible sunlight!
This length of light is really weird and have come to the conclusion that it's the main reason for making Paco such a pill. Last week he bit my neck twice, hard enough to bruise but not break the skin, 2 days ago was a different story. That was the first time he's bit me & drawn blood...pretty good size gash too. I was suspecting the amount of light, I've got him next to a north facing window in this apartment. My suspicions were confirmed in a discussion on one of my Yahoo groups when someone asked why their year old Quaker was being newly aggressive...a breeder responded that it could be the amount of light the bird was getting.
I on the other hand am just plain tired from all the sunlight...and I mean tired, when I was home in ST Louis, I was sleeping 10 hours each night, very unusual for me for I usually get somewhere between 6 & 7 hours. I was so happy to see stars for the first time in months that I stood in the dark, staring up at the night sky looking at the stars for at least 10-15 minutes.
The ever present sun has given me a new out look on night & the stars...just like back in the winter when I went for weeks without seeing the sun helped give me a new outlook on the sun & sunsets....I remember the first time I saw a sunset in almost 2 months, due to work schedule and weather. Honestly when I look back on it, it was not that great of a sunset, but at the time it was beautiful.
The extreme lengths of light & dark each have their beauty. The lack of light allows the snow to collect on the trees, creating that fairy tale effect that you can see on some of my cross country skiing pictures. The extreme length of day has allowed everything to grow VERY quickly, and there are some really beautiful flowers blooming...I have a folder made for just the wildflowers that I've taken pictures of...check it out! http://picasaweb.google.com/marzsaetel/AlaskaFlowers

Monday, June 25, 2007

Still in Fairbanks!

Ok, yes, I've once again, extended my contract here in Fairbanks. This contract started off with a bang....left StL on time without a hitch. It's Minneapolis that started the problems. The plane was in the hanger getting repaired...they couldn't do it on time, so they had several choices
1. Bring another plane from the hanger, that had 45 less seats. (that would have been a fun one)
2. Wait almost 2 1/2 hours for a plane from Seattle to replace the "broken" plane.
3. Cancel the flight all together....Now, that would have been REAL fun.
They chose #2, so, out the window went my plans on getting to Cantwell. Thank god Martina had already offered to let me stay at her place in Anchorage for by the time I'd gotten my luggage and my car, it was somewhere around 11:30-12 pm. I was exhausted for I'd slept about 10 hours. I made it to Fairbanks about 6pm, waited 45 minutes for security to show up for my key to my new apartment, by this time, I was hot (it was about 87), hungry and very tired...and this was made worse when I arrived at the complex and I couldn't find the building.....they had blocked off the way to my building because they had re surfaced the parking lot & no one could drive on it for 24 hours. Now, that would be so bad, but, the walk from the nearest parking lot the my building was somewhere around 1-1/2 city block....and I had to get my 3 bags + Paco's cage and some other things that I'd left in Anchorage.....needless to say, I was not a happy camper that day. It was a good thing that I'd decided to spring for 1st class seats on the plane ride, or I'd been REALLY grouchy. I've since decided that it is WELL worth the extra $$ for first class for you get as much soda/tea/water you want(served in GLASS, NOT plastic!) in addition to fruit for a snack (no peanuts or pretzels), also, the cost of a hot meal was included....didn't have to shell out $5 for just a sandwich...also got free wine with dinner!
I guess one could say that the first class ticket kinda smoothed everything out.....well, not the car, I really don't like the car I have. It's an Aveo, it sucks rocks. I get into the car, and I can't see 1/2 of the speedometer, everything between 40 & 90 is obscured by the stearing wheel! And, no, the stearing wheel is not adjustable! This Chevy piece of shit is made for someone under 5 foot 2! Oh, well, I do have to remind myself, I've got return tickets in first class! hehehe