Friday, January 16, 2009

New state moto for Illinois

Since I was born & raised in Illinois, I find this rather humorous...

Where our Governors make your licenses plates.

Gov.Rod R. Blagojevich is just keeping up with tradition!

The following is from Wikipedia


Six Illinois governors have been charged with crimes, either during their administrations or after. The first, Lennington Small, was acquitted. Otto Kerner, Jr., Daniel Walker, and George Ryan all served time in prison. William G. Stratton was acquitted of tax evasion charges. Current governor Rod Blagojevich was charged by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald with several offenses, including mail fraud and wire fraud, and attempting to sell Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat for personal financial and influential gain.

Monday, January 12, 2009


The bitter cold had finally made a move and has left has been warming up all night long.
We started out the night at -5F, right now, it's 13F and it's supposed to start snowing sometime today. Officially, we spent close to 10 days under zero...a little over two weeks in my part of town and most of that was at -15 or lower.
As crazy as it sounds, I would rather deal with 30 inches of snow than -30F. This is due to the fact that I had mentally prepared myself for a winter in Phoenix Arizona...NOT Anchorage Alaska. When that fat, juicy bonus was plopped down in front of me, there was not enough time to prepare myself (mentally that is) for the impending deep freeze that I knew was coming.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Should'v, would'v,could'v.......

I should have:
--not taken the contract with the awesome bonus and stayed in Anchorage
I would have:
--been in Phoenix
I could have:
--been basking in the 70F degree weather and not freezing my nads off at -20F

Could be worse, could be in Fairbanks were it's been hovering around -52F.....